CH Dreamalot Val of Hidden Valley UDX ROMX

Val joined Wildfire as a five year old.  His winning personality and "can do" attitude made him an instant favorite.  He had over 60 OTCH points when he retired.

While Val was a thrilling dog in obedience competition he really shined as a sire of highly competitive obedience, agility and herding dogs.

His champion offspring include:

OTCH Marshview's Blistering Hot VCD3 UDX3 RE NAP
NAC MACH5 Wildfires Precious Metal
OTCH Wildfire's Concealed Weapon
CH OTCH Wildfire's Promise To Please UDX
OTCH Wildfire's Roadrunner UDX12
OTCH Wildfire Stealing My Heart UDX12
OTCH Wildfire's Breaking Away UDX3
CH Wildfire's Snappy Macarena CDX RN AX MXJ
OTCH Wildfire Shira Delight UDX TDX
HC Wildfire's Ace of Spades VCD2 MX MXJ
HC Wildfire's MacCallum More TD
CH Wildfire Wrap It Up HT
CH Wildfire's Slamb Dunk RE TD
CH OTCH Wildfire's Ticket To Ride UDX3
MACH Blitzen's Make My Day
OTCH Wildfire Blitzen Goodness Gracious UDX4

Wildfire Border Collies
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Sire of:

5 Champions
9 Obedience Trial Champions
2 Master Agility Champions
2 Herding Champions
1 National Agility Champion
1 AKC Invitational finalist
2 "200" dogs
2 AKC Nationally ranked dogs