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Wildfire Puppies

At Wildfire, our puppies are more then just cute little balls of fluff.  They are cherished companions for us and for our family of Wildfire friends.  As breeders we take our responsibility seriously.

We research pedigrees carefully; always striving to produce healthy, structurally sound puppies with outstanding temperaments.

Wildfire puppies are lovingly raised in our home.  It's a busy household full of family, friends, and even the grand-children.  Our rich lifestyle provides ample time for puppy socialization with a wide variety of people resulting in confident, outgoing Border Collies with unlimited potential. 

The puppies are first exposed to a quiet environment with classical music and lots of handling.  We watch our puppies carefully as their individual personalities emerge -- always mindful of which puppy would be the best match for each owner.

By four weeks of age our Wildfire puppies are confident with the world around them.  At this time they move into the kitchen area where they experience the sounds of everyday life.  They are introduced to solid foods, crate trained, and even potty trained.  By seven weeks of age they are ready to bond with their new owners.  Each puppy goes to its carefully matched home with a puppy packet full of useful information. 

We enjoy following each puppy throughout its life.  We're always here when you need help, but we especially love when the puppies come back to visit us here at Wildfire...

Puppies with unlimited potential.