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Wildfire Conformation Champion Honor Roll

Wildfire Border Collie congratulates our outstanding Conformation Champions.

We are delighted with the success our dogs have achieved, and we thank their dedicated trainers and handlers.  Please join us as we honor these fine teams...

Don't forget to contact us when your Wildfire dog achieves a Championship!

Send a photo and an update and we'll add you to the Honor Roll.  Please be patient as we put together these pages...
CH Wildfire The Intangible One
Coh x Takira breeding born Jan 2, 2008. 
Dax is just over a year now. He completed his conformation champion title at the age of 11 1/2 months. He finished with 3 majors including a 3, 4 and 5 point major. We have been herding a few times and now we're working on obedience starting next week. I'm sure there will be much more to come!  Dax is loved by Angie Sajewicz

CH Wildfire’s Darlin’ Darby UD  Call name: Darby.  Darby is loved by Judy and Melissa Roth
CH Wildfire’s Red Hot ‘N Ready UD.  Call name: Rory.  Shown winning a 5 point major at the International Kennel Club of Chicago.  Rory is loved by Judy and Melissa Roth

CH. Wildfires Storm Front Comin’  CDX, RA.  Call name: Storm.  Storm is loved by Judy and Melissa Roth
CH OTCH Wildfire Over The Limit UDX:  Maggie is owned and loved by Jeff Green
CH OTCH Brackenhill Keen at Wildfire UDX:  Keen is a Smasher son.  He is loved by Beth Lane
More Wildfire Champions coming soon!
CH Wildfire Sweet Revenge:  Our beautiful Treya is gone, but she'll never be forgotten. Treya was loved by Maureen & Pat.
CH OTCH Wildfire Chloe Jo UDX:  Chloe is loved by Lynn Glickkauf
CH Wildfire Josephine Jo UDX:  Jo is loved by Lynn Glickkauf
CH OTCH Wildfire's Promise To Please UDX:  Promise is loved by Cindy Siekierke
CH OTCH Wildfire's Ticket To Ride UDX:
Ticket quickly finished his Championship picking up 4 majors in just two weekends.  Ticket is loved by Linda Koutsky
CH OTCH Wildfire from Sydney HT  Sydney is a Coh x Takira puppy.  She is loved by Carol Michel
CH OTCH Wildfire Every Kiss Begins With Kay:  Kate, a Tric and Score puppy, quickly finished her breed championship at 20 months.  This very athletic and talented little girl is training in obedience and herding.  She is loved by Bonnie and Terry Burman.
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CH Wildfire Stop Drop & Roll CD PT Brew finished his championship by winning a 5 point major in Lake City Florida.

Brew is owned and loved by Jeffery Kern

CH Wildfire's Mega Star HSAs
Meg finished her Championship with 4 major wins.  She is also competing in herding.

Meg is owned and loved by Heidi Osborne

CH Wildfire Technicolor  Dream Coat UD:
Joey is from our Smasher x Maggie litter.  He is also competing in obedience.

Joey is loved by Peggy Farrell-Kidd

GR CH Wildfire's Honor of Cadence CDX :  The team enjoy obedience, freestyle, herding and tracking.  Caden’s owner, Mitzi Tinaglia (Roanoke, VA), says that he is an incredible border collie and he just “wants to” in his play and sport.  Caden earned his AKC Grand Championship breed title July 2011, along with their CDX obedience title in June. 

GR CH Wildfire Hot Topic:
Diva has breed wins and a Group placement.  She is training in obedience and agility.

Diva is loved by Carol Paplham
CH Wildfire's Burnin'  Blue Rippin' Through UD: 

Ripley is currently training in obedience.  He has his UD and is working on his OTCH.. He is pictured here taking a Group 2 win.

Ripley is loved by Tim Moncheski
CH Wildfire's Smarty Jones CDX: 

Smarty's career is now focused on the obedience ring.  He has already established himself as a top contender winning a number of High In Trials.

Smarty is loved and trained by Beth Lane
CH Wildfire Rookie of the Year BN RN: 

Rookie was owner-handled to her Championship.  She will continue showing for her GCH as she trains in obedience and agility.

Rookie is loved by Kimberly Stanton.