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Wildfire Honor Roll

The Wildfire Border Collie breeding program has consistently produced champions in every American Kennel Club venue.  But no dog can achieve this status on its own.  It has been a pleasure for us to place our puppies in homes where they will be loved and given every opportunity to explore the world around them.

We are delighted with the success our dogs have achieved, and we thank their dedicated trainers and handlers.  Please join us as we honor these fine teams...

Wildfire Conformation Champions

Wildfire Obedience Trial Champions

Wildfire Master Agility Champions

Wildfire Herding Champions
Conformation Champions
Herding Champions
Obedience Trial Champions
Master Agility Champions
Don't forget to contact us when your Wildfire dog achieves a Championship!

Send a photo and an update and we'll add you to the Honor Roll.  Please be patient as we put together these pages...