Wildfire Border Collies
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Our Border Collies

Here at Wildfire we've been privilaged to share our lives with many wonderful dogs.  Each has enriched our life and warmed our hearts.

Our Border Collies continue to distinguish themselves in obedience, conformation, and herding.  On these pages we will pay tribute to a few of our exceptional dogs.

Current stars at Wildfire...

The Boys:

CH OTCH HC Gymbaroo Tried & True UDX

CH Outburst High Score at Wildfire UD

CH OTCH Wildfire Real McCoy UDX

The Girls:

CH OTCH Wildfire Turnin' Trics UDX RN

CH OTCH Brackenhill Vixon at Wildfire UDX

Wildfire Poetic Justice

Wildfire Some Like It Hot

Wildfire Simply Fabulous

CH Gymbaroo Yours Truly HT HS JHD NA

Always in our hearts at Wildfire...

CH OTCH Clayburn Stripper Upper UDX5 ROM

CH OTCH Brighteye BW's Deven UDX ROMF

CH Dreamalot Val of Hidden Valley UDX ROMX

Wildfire Takin-A-Risk CD ROMF