Pat Schulz:  Pat is the driving force behind Wildfire Border Collies.  Her commitment to the breed, and to the sport of competitive obedience never fades.

Pat started obedience training in 1959 with a toy poodle at a park district in Chicago, Illinois.  At the time there were very few women in the sport, but that never discouraged Pat.  A second toy poodle was followed by several Papillons.  It was with a male Papillion named Patches that Pat would earn her first of many Obedience Trial Championships. 

Chronic back problems led to Pat's interest in Border Collies.  This was long before the BC would earn AKC recognition for conformation and herding competition.  The Border Collie was eligible to compete in obedience via the Miscellaneous class and Pat loved the breed's inquisitive mind and powerful athletic body.

When the versatile Border Collie achieved full AKC recognition it was only natural that Pat's dogs would venture into the conformation and herding venues.  Together with her daughter Maureen and long time friend Nancie Mages, Wildfire Border Collies continue to excel in obedience, conformation, and herding.

Wildfire Border Collies
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Maureen Schulz-Tobias:  Pat's daughter Maureen is an integral part of the Wildfire family.  Maureen is an accomplished trainer and instructor, having completed the coveted Obedience Trial Championship on her awesome Border Collie bitch CH OTCH Brighteye BW's Deven UDX.  Recently Maureen also finished the OTCH on her wonderful bitch Tric!

Maureen is an innvoative, accomplished obedience instructor.  In addition, Maureen offers expert grooming and handling services.  With over 15 years experience she has proven herself to be invaluable to her clients.

As a serious student of health, structure, and genetics, Maureen is highly involved in the breeding of quality Wildfire Border Collies.

To date Pat has earned 11 Obedience Trial Championships:

OTCH Kevins Black Eyed Patch
OTCH BW Primer
OTCH Ripper Upper
OTCH Big Jake
CH OTCH Clayburn Stripper Upper UDX
OTCH BW Finnegan
CH OTCH Wildfire Quinn UDX
CH OTCH HC Gymbaroo Tried & True UDX
OTCH Incognito UDX
CH OTCH Wildfire's Real McCoy UDX
CH OTCH Brackenhill Vixon at Wildfire UDX
To date Maureen has earned 2 Obedience Trial Championships:

CH OTCH Brighteye BW's Deven UDX

CH OTCH Wildfire's Turnin' Trics