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Breeding in Pursuit of Excellence  
Wildfire Border Collies is excited to announce our Pippen x Takira Fall 2009 litter.

We are proud of our lines.  Parents with an outstanding past and offspring with a bright future.

To inquire about our future breeding plans:
Phone Pat:  847-235-2633 or
Maureen:  841-331-1953

Takira puppies are here...
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Breeding in Pursuit of Excellence  
CH Brackenhill Vixon at Wildfire UD

To view Takira's page click on the link above.
CH Shoreland Great Expectations

Takira puppies:  2 blue & white boys
                        1 blue & white girl
                        1 black & white boy
Bolder -- blue & white boy
Pebbles -- blue & white girl
Rock -- black & white boyl
Gravel -- blue & white boyl
All of these puppies have gone to their new homes!

Scroll down for individual puppy photos....
The puppies are growing...
Five weeks old...
Stone Litter -- Five weeks old...